Solidarity within Organizations (2000-2005)

This research project focuses on the relationship of two seemingly paradoxical developments within modern organizations: flexibility and solidarity. Many organizations make use of flexible contracts to enable alignment to changing environmental demands. However, at the same time it is recognized that modern organizations need cooperative, committed, and solidary employees in order to get the work done. Therefore, the question is to what extent is solidary behavior within organizations affected by flexibility of labor, and how can this be explained? In order to answer this question, this research builds on the embeddedness approach to solidary behavior. Flexibility of labor especially affects the actors' temporal embeddedness (the extent to which actors have a mutual past and future) and network embeddedness (the extent to which actors have relationships with mutual others). The project aims at understanding solidary behaviors of employees and employers. Effects of flexibility on horizontal and vertical forms of solidary behavior are distinguished, as well their interrelationship.